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An accommodation experience that suits you in the fascinating historical Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. Blu Ma'cel is the ideal Sultanahmet hotel for you.


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A Journey to Sultanahmet's Iconic Locations Starting from Blu Ma'Cel

Sultanahmet is the historical and cultural heart of Istanbul. With its unique architectural structures, historical places, and warm atmosphere, this area, which hosts millions of tourists every year, is one of Istanbul's most popular tourist spots. Blu Ma'Cel, right in the middle of this historical region, offers a comfortable accommodation experience with its wood-dominated design. So, how can we spend a day in Sultanahmet? Here's your guide to immerse yourself in the magic of Sultanahmet, starting from Blu Ma'Cel.


Hagia Sophia: A Unique Meeting of History and Architecture

Located just a few minutes walking distance, Hagia Sophia brings together the magnificent architecture of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. This world-famous structure, which has served as both a mosque and a church, offers visitors a unique historical experience.


Blue Mosque: The Magic of Blue Iznik Tiles

Located right opposite the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, or its other name Sultanahmet Mosque, is famous for its thousands of blue Iznik tiles. This dazzling structure with its magnificent dome and minarets is one of Istanbul's most iconic buildings.


Topkapi Palace: The Splendor of the Ottoman Empire

Topkapi Palace, which can be reached by walking from Sultanahmet square, is a museum filled with priceless treasures that hosted the Ottoman Empire. The Harem section, the Diamond Sword, and the Sacred Relics room are among the most interesting parts for visitors.


Basilica Cistern: Mystic Depths of Istanbul

Tucked away beneath the vibrant streets of Istanbul lies the Basilica Cistern, an ancient marvel of Byzantine engineering. This subterranean wonder, also known as "Yerebatan Sarnıcı" in Turkish, boasts over 300 columns, which majestically rise from its mirror-like waters. The softly lit cavern, coupled with the enigmatic Medusa head pillars, creates an atmosphere of mystery and timeless beauty. A visit to this historic reservoir offers a surreal journey to the past, providing a stark contrast to the bustling world above.


Arasta Bazaar: Authentic Shopping Experience

Located between Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, this historical bazaar is known for its shops filled with handmade carpets, rugs, souvenirs, and authentic jewelry. Arasta Bazaar awaits you in a calm and peaceful corner of Sultanahmet.


Time to Relax at Blu Ma'Cel

After exploring the rich history of Sultanahmet throughout the day, relaxing in the warm and comfortable rooms of Blu Ma'Cel will take away all your fatigue. With its wood-dominated design, modern facilities, and unique view, Blu Ma'Cel awaits you to perfectly complete your day in Sultanahmet.


If you wish to trace history in Sultanahmet while experiencing a modern and comfortable accommodation, Blu Ma'Cel is just for you. You can check out the rooms and other amenities from the hotel's Instagram page (@blumacelhotel) and make a reservation. We would be delighted to host you in this special place, where history and comfort come together in the heart of Sultanahmet.